How can I publish a Group as an app in my Facebook page?

A Group of promotions can be published as an App in a Facebook page. On this case, Group would appear in the installed app list, as shown in the image below. Accessing to the app, Group's landing page would be displayed inside a 810px widht space that Facebook offers.



Note: Applications installed in Facebook pages are not visible through mobile devices because of a self-limited Facebook characteristic. If the promotion is published in a Facebook App, Easypromos will redirect automatically the users to the Facebook tab in case they are connected from desktop, and if they are connected from a mobile device, platform will redirect them to the Groups landing page but outside Facebook.


 To publish a Group in a Facebook page App, follow these steps:

1. Access to the Group's managament page

2. On the left menu, click on "Publication" 

3. On this screen, you will find "Publish Group as a Facebook page App". In this section is where you can install and manage the app.



To publish the Group, first the App must be installed in the Facebook page. This app is called "Easypromos Groups". When you access to this section, Easypromos will connect to Facebook in order to know if the app "Easypromos Group" is installed in the Facebook page where the Group is being setting. We can find three different situations:


1st Case: The App is not installed

"Install the App" option will appear, and clicking on it, you will be redirect to Facebook where you will be able to install the app "Easypromos Groups". Select the page whre you have set up the Group. Once installed, the new App will be shon in the page with the Group published on it. 



2nd Case: The App is installed and the Group is published in it 

In this case, all is correct. The App has been installed appropriately on your Facebook page and the Group is published in it. From this screen you will be able to uninstall the App from the page.



3rd Case: The App is installed but it is not published

The App is correctly installed but another group is published in this Facebook page. You have the option to publish the group you are setting up. 



How can I set up the tab image and name of the Group on my Facebook page? 

When the App to acces to the Groups is published in a Facebook page, you can customize the new tab created, which sizes are 111px widht x 74px height. 



To customize the name and image of the Promotions Group tab in Facebook, follow these instructions: 

1. Go to your Facebook page "Settings" 

2. Click on "Apps" section and find the Tab you want to customize.

3. Click on "edit settings".

4. Submit an image and write a name into the pop-up screen that will be shown. Save the changes before close it.



When the promotions Group is published in your Facebook page, you will be able to manage the different tabs where the promotions of the Group are showed. Read our recommendations about how to mange Easypromos apps in this situation. 

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