How does the browser/IP option work?

This option allows you to limit the number of times a user can vote from the same computer. The default value is 3 attempts, and this parameter is indicated for promotions which allow 1 entry per user. If you wish to enable multiple entries, you can increase the value of this field. This way, users will be able to participate in the promotion without having to switch to a different computer.

You'll find this option by going to Editor > Settings > Entries, as we show in the image below:



In many cases, when a user obtains a lot of votes in a short space of time, the votes all come from the same device. This mechanism of anti-fraud control is the first to be triggered when a user tries to vote various times from the same computer using multiple accounts. The default value is 3 attempts, but this can be modified by the administrator. 

Note: This value can also be controlled on voting contests. You'll find this option in section 'Voting configuration'.



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    Rosston Meyer

    I don't see this in the Entries Configuration tab. I see


    Entries configuration

    Only for fans

    Max. users

    Show current users

    Make entries public


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