Tutorial: How to create an Instant Win promotion

If you want to set up a promotion to award prizes to your followers immediately using "instant wins", follow the steps outlined below:


STEP 1. Create the promotion

1. Access the Easypromos Control Panel via this link: http://admin.easypromosapp.com. Log in with your Facebook profile and enter your control panel to manage and create your promotions.


2. Create a new promotion via the ‘Create a new promotion’ button.


3. You will be presented with the products available. Choose ‘Instant win’ to create a promotion that consists in award prizes immediately to the users.

4.Go on to step 2 and choose the platform version to use (Premium or White Label).

 5. Your promotion is already created! In the background, you can see the promotion management page. A pop-up window will ask you some extra information in order to help you with pre-settings. If you are not interested, you can skip this step.


  • Language by default: Option for selecting the language by default in which you wish to display the promotion content.
  • Country. You'll be able to limit participation to one or several particular countries, and only those users who have an IP address corresponding to these countries will be able to register Find more information about country filters.


6. Now you find yourself in the promotion management page, where you have all the options for configuring the promotion. Below we outline all the most relevant sections:

1. Header. You will find the title of the promotion, the version and other relevant information such as the ID number of the promotion, which unequivocally identifies each promotion. Present this number to the Easypromos technical team if you have any issues with, or doubts about, the promotion. This will make it easier for them to review your settings.

2. Link to the promotion. This is the URL that you should use in all the promotion sharing actions that you wish to carry out. More information here.

3. Copy link button. Here you'll be able to automatically copy the link to disseminate the promotion.

4. Side menu. Here you will find all the configuration options of the promotion.

5. Statistics menu. Here you'll find all the general statistics of your contest. It indicates the total users, total votes, emails sent to participants, total page views, general view of visits received, total share button clicks and number of followers gained.

6. Management of dates. Modify the promotion dates from this module.

7. Promotion status. It indicates the status of the promotion: Draft, Active or expired, as well as it is ready to start.

8. Visibility module. Here you'll find the main options to give your promotion more visibility: Publish the promotion as a Facebook tab, appear in the public list of Easypromos promotions and click button to share the promotion.

9. Localization. Select the promotion language by default. You'll also be able to link the promotion to a dictionary you have created with your own texts and translations. In addition, you'll be able to limit participation to one or several particular countries from here. By default the promotion will be visible in all countries. If you want to restrict it only to certain countries, click on ‘Edit’ and enter the names of the countries you wish to include (available in Premium and White Label).



STEP 2. Create the Instant Win

As a first step we suggest that you create the winning moments and the prizes in the main section of the promotion.


1. Enter the promotion 'Editor'.


2. Locate the “Options” section and click on “Instant Win”. The application will preconfigure this section so that it is activated.



3. Before creating the moments at which prizes are to be given away set up the mechanism by checking the following options:

  • Option for assigning new participations every day: By selecting this option, every day the user will be assigned the number of participations as defined by the administrator in “Max. Participations per user”.
  • Option for disabling the registration form: If you wish to assign users new participations each day, this option enables you to disable the registration form after the second participation.
  • Option that participants can only win once: By default, this box comes checked by the application and ensures that the user can only win one prize during the promotion. However, if you prefer, you can uncheck this box so that users have the chance to win more prizes.
  • Option for enable void prizes: Upon checking this option, if no user has entered the promotion at the winning moment, the prize will go unawarded.
  • Publish the winners automatically: Upon enabling this option, the latest winners will be published automatically on the home page of the promotion. The winners’ list will be available to see from the public list of participants. 


4. Click on “New Instant Winner” and the Instant Win editor will open so you can see how to configure the presentation of the moment on the winning user’s final page.



5. Configure the settings for this instant win:


  • Date ant time. Mark the date on which you wish to reward this winning moment.
  • Prize. This is the text that identifies the prize (iPad, free tickets, 20% discount, etc.).
  • Winner message. This is the message that will be shown to the winner of each ‘winning moment’. This text is obligatory and HTML code is accepted.
  • Image. Accompany the winners’ message with a customized image. Recommended size: 810px wide x320px high.


6. Configure viral content if you want winners to be able to share a customized message with their friends from the final page. Here we explain how to configure this section.


7. Save the changes and return to the general configuration page.



8. If you want to create various instant wins with the same prize and text, use the “Copy” tool after the first winning moment for the group has been configured.


A window will present you with various options:

  • Random/Manual. By default, the application can create as many winning moments as you require. It will time them at random intervals between the start and end dates of the promotion that you have set.
  • Number of instants to create. Signal the number of copies that you wish to make. It is not possible to create more than 100 copies at the same time. If you need more than 100 copies, use the "copy" tool several times to reach the number of copies you need.
  • Dates interval. Configure the dates when you want the prizes to be awarded.

Attention! The "copy" tool allows a maximum of 100 copies at the same time. Use it several times to reach the number of copies you need.


If, on the other hand, you would rather create copies but choose the day and time they will be rewarded, you have two options:

A) In “Copy”, choose the “Manual” tab and introduce each date in a line with the format indicated. The tool will create a prize for each date.



B) Make as many copies as you need with the “Random” option and then edit each copy to modify the instant wins to fit the date you want.




Note: If you want to offer promotional codes only to Instant winners, learn how to set it up.


How to set up the final message for non-winners?

By default, when a user completes the registration and doesn’t win any prize, a Thank you message is displayed, but you’ll have the possibility to personalize this final text with your own HTML. Take advantage of this option to write your own thank you message and encourage them to try their luck again.

In order to customize this final message, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the promotion's management page, click on "Editor".
  2. Find the "Thank you page". We explain you below all the aspects you’ll be able to customize:
    • Thank you message. You can also use it to thank participants and tell them to try again if they have more opportunities. 
    • Final image. It goes with the thank you message and it will be shown to the non winners participants. Recommended sizes are 810px wide x 160px high.
    • Text to encourage users to share. On the left side of the first share button there is a text that you can customize. Use this to encourage your participants to share the promotion. It will be shown to all the participants: winners and no winners.
    • You can also create an extra button with an external link.


STEP 3. Advanced setup

Check the configuration of the 'Participations' section to adapt it to your needs:

  • Max. participations per user. In this type of promotion it is normal to give more than one participation to each user. Indicate here how many participations/opportunities you wish to give each user.
  • Max. participations per Browser/IP. Expand this limit based on the number of participations that you give per user. Bear in mind that more than one user from the same family or office can participate from a single IP.
  • Number of seconds after which a user can participate in the promotion again from the same IP. You can eliminate this restriction by deleting the number in the box or replacing it with 0.



STEP 4. Customize the texts and images of each screen

The platform comes configured with many features that are pre-set based on the application that you have chosen.

From this moment on, you should focus on the customization of promotion texts and images, as well as on colors and font settings.


1. In the promotion 'Editor', configure the texts and images of each screen of the promotion:



A) Landing page

- Change the provisional title for one that allows identify the strong points of your promotion. It’s a good idea to make this descriptive text as attractive as possible to users.

- Configure the texts for the page and upload an 810px wide x 450px high image to give it more dynamism.

- In the description, change the provisional text to personalize and explain your own contest mechanism so that participants are clear about what steps they should follow to take part in the contest. You can also customize the ‘Enter’ and ‘View entries’ buttons.


B) Entry form page. Add the fields that you wish your participants to complete. You can also customize the text and screen header image. In the Premium and White Label versions you can fill in the form with all the additional fields, dropdown menus and check boxes that you need. Find all the information about how to set up the entry form.


Note: The customization of the registration form with additional text fields is not included by default in promotions created with the Basic version. It can be included as an extension for $15USD.


C) Thank you page. Customize it with a final image and a thank you text. You can also create an extra button with an external link.

  • Text to encourage users to share. On the left side of the first share button there is a text that you can customize. Use this to encourage your participants to share the contest.
  • Thank you message. You can also use it to thank participants and tell them when the winner will be announced.
  • Use the final image to give a more personalized aspect to the sweepstake, reminding participants what the prize is and encouraging them to share the sweepstake.


Note: download the Easypromos Design Guide and you will have measurements for all the images you need to complete the promotion.


STEP 5. Customize the design (available in Premium and White Label)

Modify the colors of the buttons and sections of the promotion so that they reflect the look and feel of your brand or product, or of the specific campaign. You can also choose from various fonts, upload a background image and introduce the customized CSS styles (in White Label).



If you need help on how these sections work:


STEP 6. Introduce the legal bases

Introduce the legal bases, explaining all the aspects that concern the promotion, sweepstake or contest. These legal bases will be shown via a button on the main page of the promotion and from a link available via any of the promotion’s pages.



STEP 7. Configure the My Networks modules and the promotion footer

The 'My networks' module enables you to totally customize the screen that is presented to the user before they finalize the registration. This means you can give them the option to click ‘Like’ on your Facebook Page. You can suggest as many Facebook and Twitter accounts as you wish to users. Learn how to do this here.

You can also customize the text at the foot of the promotion, or deactivate this if it doesn’t interest you. This is a banner, presented at the foot of each screen of the promotion, that when clicked on will present you with the ‘My networks’ module. You will find the information here.



STEP 8. Customize viral content

This section is very important to obtain a high level of virality for the contest. The viral content is the message that will be shown when a participant shares the promotion with friends to invite them to the promotion. You can customize the share message based on the channel through which participants wish to disseminate it when they invite friends to the promotion and obtain recruits.



Note: in the Basic version, in this section you will only see the option of uploading a viral image that is an appropriate size for each of the social networks.


You should complete the following sections:

A) Options

  • What do you want participants to share? By default, on the final page that will be shown to users after registration, viral recruiting content is shared. If you fill in the viral content of each instant win, that will be shown on the thank you page of the winners in order that they could share it.
  • Viral image. This is the image that will accompany the text to be shared for non winnrs. To make it optimal for the social networks, we suggest a measurement of 1200px wide by 630px high. This same image will be shared via Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. If you don’t upload a specific image for this section, the main promotion image will be disseminated when a participant shares the promotion.

B) Generic content: a viral text that will be disseminated across the social networks when the participant shares the promotion via the share button on the main page, the registration form or the header of the participations gallery. Learn how to configure this.

C) Recruitment. This is the content that is proposed by default to non winners when sharing on the social networks via the final page. Learn how to configure it.


STEP 9. Communicate with participants via the Emails Platform (Available with Premium and White Label)

If you need to communicate with participants during and after the promotion, you can use this section to create, customize and send emails.

This tool can be very useful in the Instant Win promotions because it permits you to configure automatic emails to contact participants with one of these objectives:

  1. Send an email to the winners depending on their prize. 
  2. Send an email with a coupon attached to all the instant winners.
  3. Send an email to all participants confirming that the promotion has ended and thanking them for their participation.

Learn how to create an email with the Platform to communicate with participants from the beginning and thus achieve greater virality.


Important! The platform has the ‘smart tags’ feature at its disposal. This enables you to configure customized emails. Use the ‘smart tag’ {{user_recruiting_url}} which, upon sending the email, will be substituted by the recruitment URL of each participant.


STEP 10. Preview the promotion

At any time, you can see from this section how the promotion will be displayed. Please bear in mind that the preview is not functional; this means that it will let you turn the page even though you haven’t filled in the fields. The best method for testing the functionality of the recruiting system is to activate the promotion but protect it and carry out tests in a closed group. Here we explain how.  


STEP 11. Activate the promotion

Once you have configured all aspects of the promotion, you can activate it from the management page. This is where you will be asked to pay for it. You can find more information here.


STEP 12. Publish the promotion

Although your promotion is now active, you still need to take the last step: publishing it. On creating the contest, a URL is generated which will be the main promotion link. By default, this main link leads to a microsite where the promotion is presented. Also, and not exclusively, you can publish the sweepstake or promotion on the Facebook Page or embed it in your blog or website. Control where you wish to publish it via ‘Publish’. You’ll find all the information about this step here.


STEP 13. Disseminate the promotion

It will also be important to disseminate the promotion via various channels. Always use the main promotion link, as it’s the only one compatible with all types of devices.

You can share the promotion via the following methods:

  • With the direct link to the promotion.
  • With the ‘share’ button on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Creating an outstanding campaign. This option implies placing your campaign in the section of Easypromos highlighted promotions. The highlighted have an additional cost to the price of activating the campaign, and this price is per day of the campaign. If you’d like to create a highlighted campaign, consult this tutorial.

We also recommend this article with 14 basic steps for disseminating and highlighting your campaign on your Facebook Page.


STEP 14. Manage the promotion while it is still active

While the promotion is active you can monitor and manage the participations from the management page by clicking on the ‘View entries’ section.

From there you will be able to:

Note: Information about participants will be available even when the promotion has finished.


STEP 15. Check the promotion statistics

Access the ‘Statistics’ section to find out about the evolution of participants and their interaction with the application. This information will be available as soon as the first participation is made until after the promotion has finished. Learn more about the information that you have access to in this section.


STEP 16. Final sweepstake to give away the prize and publish the winners

If you want to share a final prize, you can carry out a random sweepstake to finalize the promotion and select one or more winners or finalists. This is an optional tool, without any added cost, and you can set it up after the registration period.

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