Tutorial: How to configure a Redeem your Code promotion

"Loyalty Rewards promotions are available with Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

To create a 'Loyalty rewards' promotion you can follow these steps:


1. Create a new promotion: Complete the main fields: title, description, dates, etc.

2. Access the promotion "Editor" in the management promotion page.


3. Locate the section 'Entry form page' and add an "Additional text field'. This field will allow us to display on the entry form a field where users will be required to insert their code to be validated by the system. Complete the following sections of the text field:




  • Title: Write the title of the text field. This is the text that will be displayed  as the title of the field in the registry form, for instance: "Write your code here".
  • Short title: This is the name that will be displayed as the title of the corresponding column within the Excel file.
  • Text length field: You can decide the size of the text box available for the users to write their codes.
  • Method of validation: This option enables the application to validate the code of the user. Administrators have a text field where they can write all the values and can choose between two different validation methods:
    • By a list of closed values: In this case, the content entered by the user must be exactly the same as one of the values inserted by the administrator.
    • By a regular expression: Administrators will be able to insert a text string or a pattern. For more information about how to create a regular expression, check out this link.
  • Method of validation by list of values: Insert valid codes separated by commas or one code per line. The code entered by a participant must be exactly the same as one of these codes.
  • One-time use values: When enabling this option, the application will check if the values introduced by the user are valid and, additionally, they haven't been previously registered by another user.
  • Mark it as a mandatory field: Mark the text field as mandatory, this way users will need to write their code to be validated by the application.
  • Make this custom field public: In this type of application is not necessary to activate this field, since entries are not public (name and information of the users).
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