Tutorial: How to create a Multiple-Choice Test

If you want to create a multiple-choice test for your followers and customers, you can follow these steps:


1. Go to the Easypromos Dashboard via this link: http:// admin.easypromosapp.com 

2. Access the Dashboard using your own Facebook account.



2. Create a new promotion by clicking on the green "Create new promotion" button. Choose the Facebook page where you want to create the promotion and the version (it must be Premium or White Label).



Once selected the version of Easypromos we want to use, we’ll gain access to the edit form. This is the place where you’ll define the features of the promotion. Fill in the basic information:



On next sections, the app is displayed in a correct way to create a test so you do not have to modify it.


To create a test, you must set up the following options in the form: 

  • Choose the fields of the registration form that the user will be able to fill in order to participate in the promotion.  


Users will be asked to fill in the registry form with all the information you require, so all these fields are mandatory in order to complete the registration. All the information provided by the users in the registry form is private. This means that only the administrator of the promotion will have access to these data. Later in the promotion settings, you will be able to complete the registration form asking more information.

Note: The name of the users is always displayed in the registry form, that’s why this option isn’t available in the edit form of the promotion. 

  • Accept terms and conditions and click on "Add promotion".



You have just crated your promotion!


You are in the promotion management page, where you will be able to set up the advanced options and the questionnaire of the test.

You’ll find yourself in the management page of the promotion, where you will be able to complete the setup of the more detailed aspects of the contest. 


1. Header. You will find the title of the promotion, the version and other relevant information such as the ID number of the promotion, which unequivocally identifies each promotion. Present this number to the Easypromos technical team if you have any issues with, or doubts about, the promotion. This will make it easier for them to review your settings.

2. Link to the promotion. This is the URL that you should use in all the promotion sharing actions that you wish to carry out. More information here.

3. First page. Modify, if you wish to, the first screen of the promotion that will be displayed to the public. More information.

4. Side menu. Here you will find all the configuration options of the promotion.

5. Management of dates. Modify the promotion dates from this module.

6. Default language and countries. Select the promotion language by default and limit participation to one or several particular countries from here. By default the promotion will be visible in all countries. If you want to restrict it only to certain countries, click on ‘Edit’ and enter the names of the countries you wish to include.

7. Status module. Find out if the promotion is still in draft or active status, or whether it has been finalized, and whether it has been published as a Facebook app. 


Create the list of questions and answers

The platform comes prefigured with many features specific to the application that you have chosen. First, set up the questionnaire with the questions that you want to ask your participants, and then work through the advanced options for customizing the application to meet your requirements. 


1. Enter the promotion 'Editor'.


2. Locate the “Quiz” option and start creating your first question by clicking on the corresponding button. 



Note: If it’s the first time that you are using the questionnaires editor, we suggest you watch this video tutorial for an 8-minute outline of its most important features. 


3. A window with this options appears every time you want to create a new question. Choose the type of question that suits you better depending on your idea. If you are already familiar with the quiz Editor and want to use advanced types of questions, pick "Advanced" to see all the available question types.

select type of question.png


4. Create a question and decide if you want to complement it with a photo or a video, and if you want an upright or horizontal layout.



5. Create the answers. As you have seen on the videotutorial, there are different types of answers. If you want to set up a multiple-choice test, you need to use closed answers to easily link each type of answer with a final message.

Note: see the recommended sizes for the quiz images.


Closed answers

1. Create all the options of answers that you have planned for each question. We recommend that all the questions have the same number of answers, so in this way it will be easy to link each answer with a type of final message. 


2. Set up the disposition of answers in "Answers per row".

3. Choose on "Question type" the option "Single answer".

4. Hide "Continue button" to make the participation experience faster. By clicking on the answer, the app will show the next question without showing unnecessary buttons.



Create the rest of the questions and answers

You can create the rest of the Test questions using the copy tool or the "new question" button. By using the copy button you will keep the format of the question and their answers. 



Give points to each answer and create final messages

On tests you must give points to each answers in order to create different final messages. Instead of giving points to award the participants, points will be used to distinguish different final messages depending on if the majority of answers is 1, 2, 3, 4, etcetera. 

Give points to each answer depending on the profile associated with: profile type 1, 2, 3... You will define these profiles on the next step, when you create the different final messages. This tutorial explains it widely. 



Create different viral messages for each type of result

If you want the user to be able to share his/her test result message with his/her friends, you must write the viral content corresponding to each final message. In this way, the users will share the viral content you have written for his/her result message. Here we explain it widely.



Advanced settings 



1) Options of "Edit" section

  • Upload the images to customize your promotion:


  • Review entries configuration section to set it up depending on your needs. Put the mouse over each option to see the tooltip which will help you. Usually, test only allows a participation per user, so in this case the preset value will be useful.


  • If you want to ask more personal information to the users, complete the registration form with custom fields and optin fields. 



  • Fill in the viral content section if you want to personalize the message displayed when a user shares the promotion. On this section, we recommend: 
  1. Upload an optimal image to spread via social networks (1200px width and 630px height)
  2. Fill in the generic viral content, which will be displayed when a user clicks on the sharing buttons located in the landing page, in the registration form page and in the header of the entries page. See where these buttons are displayed.    generic_content.jpg   
  3. Set up the following option in order to share the viral message of the quiz result from the final page (you have written them before from the quiz editor).


4. Personalize the message next to the share button of the final page:



The message to share will be shown in this way in the final page:



  • Publication of the promotion. When selecting this option, the promotion will appear in the public list of Easypromos app. This makes your promotion visible for all the visitors of this Facebook page app, so we recommend it when you want to spread the promotion to a wide target. If you want to focus your promotion to a local area, do not check this option.


  • Other options. On this section you can set up some options, such as if you want to display a button in the last page, for example to create an external link to your website. 




2) My Networks

In this section, you will be able to set up a modal window that is displayed to users before they completing the signing up and allows to encourage them to like your Facebook Page and follow your Twitter profiles. Additionally, the administrator can activate the ‘Promotion footer’ which opens the same pop-up menu as ‘My Networks’. In this way, the buttons for following the brand on the social networks are visible during the whole participation process. Learn more information about this option and how to set it up.


3) Appearance

From this section you will be able to customize the color of the buttons and sections of your promotion, as well as the tipography. Learn more about this option. 


4) Emails Platform

If you need to communicate with the participants while the promotion is active and also when it is already finished, you can use this platform to create, customize and send emails to them. This tool allows you to segment the participants by their characteristics, for example, depending on their test result. On this way, you can communicate with them taking into account their likes and preferences. Obtain more information about the platform.


5) Preview the promotion

You can check anytime what the promotion looks like from this section. Please, take into account that the preview tool does not have functionalities. This means that you will be able to check the different screens of the promotion but without filling the fields or answering the questions.

If you want to check how the quiz works, choose "test" from the "Add a quiz" section.


Activate the promotion

Once you have configured the promotion, you can activate it from the promotion management page. This is the moment where the app will ask you to make the payment.



You can also consider some other important aspects to complete the promotion:

1. To communicate and spread the promotion, use always the main link, which is compatible with any kind of devices

2. If you publish the test in your Facebook page, you can modify the title and the image of the app from "Tab settings".

3. If you want to show the test on a microsite, not as a Facebook app, you can manage it from the "links to promotion" section. 

4. If you want to embed the test in a website or blog, you can use the widgets. 



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