How can I set up a coupon with Easypromos?

Yes, this property applies to all versions of Easypromos: Basic, Premium and White Label.

To set up a coupon with Easypromos you must first design the coupon image to be uploaded to the application.


1. Access the promotion "Editor" on the management promotion page.

2. Find "Coupons and codes" section on "Settings" and activate the option entitled “Enable Coupons/Promotional codes”.



3. Upload the image in the field entitled “Coupon image”. Bear in mind that the recommended size is 728 pixels wide and 360 pixels high.



4. Fill the "Coupon instructions" if it is necessary.

5. Save the changes before leaving the secttion.


How to start a coupon promotion from the beginning?

The coupon can be uploaded in any promotion where participants must register, because it will be delivered on the final page.

If it is your first promotion and you need more guidance, follow these steps:

1. Start creating a basic promotion.

2. Access the "Edit" form and follow the instructions of the first part of this article.


Can I send the coupon by email, instead of delivering it on the promotion's final page?

Yes, on Premium and White Label versions you can use the Emails Platform to set up an email to be sent to each participant and attach the coupon on the email. Learn all the usual email sending options.

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