Tutorial: How can I set up the Validation Portal to verify promotion codes?

The Validation Portal is a URL address that is provided to the administrator when setting up the promotion. It can be used by sales outlets to check that the promotional codes provided by their customers are valid.

The Validation Portal can also be used in case of distributing the promotional codes in QR format. In this case, the point of sale will only need to have a sartphone or tablet and use an app that allows to scan QR codes.

This tool is available in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos. 


How to activate and access the Validation Portal

To set up this option follow these steps:

1. Go to the promotion 'Editor':


2. Go to Settings > Coupons and codes:



3. Activate the module entitled “Enable Code Redemption Portal”:

4. Security Password: Enable a password to access the Validation Portal. The password will only be asked the first time. This measure provides greater security at the store, as it prevents unauthorized access of users who came to know the URL of the Validation Portal. We recommend you to activate this option in case of codifying the codes in QR format.

5. A URL will appear in a green box. This is the web address of the Code Validation Portal specific to this promotion. This is the URL that must be provided to the sales outlets so that these can verify the codes given to them by customers.

6. Save changes before leaving the screen.



How does the Validation Portal work?

Once the promotion is prepared and activated, the URL of the Validation Portal should be provided to all sales outlets responsible for serving customers who come to redeem their codes for gifts.

This URL can be consulted from any mobile device, PC or laptop. The only requirement is that they be connected to the internet.

The Validation Portal works with the promotional codes which have already been introduced in the promotion via the form.

The sales outlet should introduce the code provided by the customer in the box provided on the website. They will be provided with one of these three messages:

- Valid code (with the name of the user that was assigned this promotional code):

- Invalid code:

- Code already used (with the exact date of its validation):



In case of distributing codes in QR format, the process to check their validity will be as follows:

1. The point of sales will need to have a smartphone or tablet with Internet connection and use an app that allows to scan QR codes. Example of an app for Android and iOs: “QR Code Scanner”

2. The vendor will have to scan the code that the user will show him from his smarphone by using the QR code scanner app.

3. For greater security, the system will ask the vendor to insert the password enabled in the Validation Portal settings (the password will only be asked the first time).

4. Once scanned, the system will redirect to the Validation Portal, which will inform the vendor if the code is valid or not, or if it has already been used.


How to test it

The sales outlet can enter the following codes to test if the portal is working properly.  

ep_valid A message will be shown confirming that the code has been correctly validated.
ep_used A message will be shown confirming that the code has already been used.
ep_invalid A message will be shown confirming that the code is invalid.


How to customize it

It is possible to customize the wallpaper of the Validation Portal.


1. In the module entitled “Code Redemption Portal” you will find the option of uploading an image in order to customize it:


Measurements. If you’re going to use a background image for the promotion, we recommend it be 2024px wide. The area of portal that is visible will vary depending on the device used to access it.
For experts. If you want to insert a logo into the wallpaper, you should keep in mind that the part of the portal that is always visible is the 250 X 250px area located in the top-middle of the screen.


Tips for disseminating the link:

The challenge. To ensure the customer has a positive experience when going to a shop to validate a code, it is important to have distributed the URL among the sales personnel, and to have shown them how to access the portal and retrieve the web address in case it is lost.

Some ideas:

  1. Always send sales personnel an email with the URL so they can easily retrieve it by accessing their email.
  2. Mark the URL as “Favorite” in the browser.
  3. If possible, write and distribute a help document.


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