What are coupons and promotional codes?

Coupons and promotional codes are marketing tools that enable you to attract new customers to a business by offering discounts or gifts.

With Easypromos you can distribute coupons and promotional codes among participants of your promotions. Here are some advantages:

  • They act as a focal point for planning activities.
  • They enable you to increase the number of fans of your Facebook Page and loyalize these fans.
  • They direct online users towards your points of sale.

A coupon is an image with a message that you give to a user when he/she has taken part in the promotion. It can then be redeemed for a discount or gift at specified points of sale.

A promotional code is a string of numbers or letters, or both combined, that identifies its bearer as having the right to a discount or free gift. Promotional codes are generally used in online sales. Many internet companies offer customers the chance to insert a code made up of numbers and/or letters to obtain a special discount at the moment of payment. However, Easypromos also provides the option of allowing a customer to download this code and use it for purchases at a store or other point of sale.

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