How to set up text-based participations in the tiled gallery layout

In all contests created with Easypromos, whether they be photo, text, or video-basedor a combination of the three, the administrator has the option of displaying entries in a tiled gallery.

The main characteristic of the tiled gallery is that it makes use of all available screen width to display the different elements (texts, photos and videos) in rows, fitting them perfectly into the available space like a brick wall.

Below you can see an example of a tiled gallery in a writing-based contest:


Note: The tiled gallery display is available for the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

Click here to find out how to enable the tiled gallery template in your contest.


How are participants’ texts displayed within the gallery?

The text-based participations of users are displayed inside a text box in the public contest gallery. This means that each new entry will be presented inside a text box and that these will be distributed in rows inside the gallery.

Each box inside the gallery displays up to 140 characters of the text uploaded by the participant. If the original text is longer then there will be a parenthesis signaling that there is more text. This can be seen in the image below:


To read the complete quote, the user simply clicks on the box, opening the gallery viewer and revealing the rest of the text up to a maximum of 500 characters:



In the case of texts longer than 500 characters, they can be read in their entirety by clicking on the 'More information' link,  which will then open the user’s individual participation, revealing the whole text: 


How can quotes be customized?

Text-based contest participations are presented in the gallery in the form of a quote inside a text box. This makes the texts and stories sent in by participants stand out even more.

To make the setting up of the contest that much quicker and easier, the app provides administrators with six predefined colors for presenting text boxes.

These are the predefined colors which will be used to display the texts in the gallery:



With the aim of allowing greater customization of the gallery, the administrator can configure the color of the box in order to get the preferred look and feel. This can be useful if the administrator wishes to create a contest using the colors of the brand or the advertising campaign.

Specifically, the text-box customization options are as follows:

  • Background color of the box where texts are presented.
  • Color of the text font.


To customize the box you can follow these steps: 

1.  Go to Editor > Settings > Entries and select the option 'Make entries public', in order to publish the gallery:



2. Next, go to Editor > Edit > Entries list page and activate the tiled gallery layout:



3. The field called 'Color configuration for quotes' will be displayed, which comes with 6 predefined colors. To customize the text box colors, you have two options:

  • Write the hexadecimal color code for the background and the font. If you already know the code of the color that you wish to use you can indicate the hexadecimal code of said color. You can enter as many color codes as you like, each one separated by a line. Each line will correspond to a new color configuration.
  • Use the Color Picker tool to decide the color settings. You can select one of the proposed colors or configure your own.


Below we show an example of a gallery in which the color of the background and the font has been customized with corporate colors:


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