One of the videos uploaded by a participant cannot be played. What can I do?

Not all video formats are compatible for all mobile devices and browsers. The video gallery allows to play video .MOV and .MP4 video files, as we explain here. 


In this way, if a user uploads a video in a different format and it cannot be played in the gallery, the administrator can take the following actions in order to make the video playable:


1. Download the original video file uploaded by the participant. Here we explain how to.

2. Convert it to a valid format to play in the gallery. The valid formats are:

  • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Convert it to .MP4.

3. Edit the participation of the user and upload the new video, which can be:

  • By indicating the URL of a video uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo
  • By uploading the video file in .MP4 format.


Follow these instructions to edit the participation of a user


How to convert a vídeo to .MP4?

There are hundreds of online tools that allow to convert videos to different files. Use this tool to convert the users' videos to .MP4.

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