How can I create a category-based contest?

Whether if you want to create a photo contest, a video contest or a short story contest, you have the opportunity to create a category-based contest. This way, users that want to register in the contest will be able to decide in which category they want to participate by submitting their picture, video or text in that category. You'll be able to create a category-based contest with Easypromos Premium and White Label versions.


To create a category-based contest you can follow these steps:


1. Create a new promotion and selectthe type of contest you want: photo contest, writing-based contest or video contest.

2. From the management page, go to Editor:

3. When setting up the registry form, you'll need to add a 'drop-down list' to present all the different categories. The dropdown list will allow us to display a list with the different categories in the registration form, so that the users can choose in which category they want to participate. 




4. Complete the setting options that you'll find for this field. In particular, these are the options you can set up:

  • Title: Write the title of the dropdown list. This is the text that will be displayed as the title of the field in the users' registry form.
  • Short titleThis is the text that identifies this field in the entries list, so that users can easily filter the entries by category. We suggest you to use a maximum of 2 words.
  • List of Options: In this field you'll be able to write the name of the different categories in which users can participate.
  • Mark it as a mandatory field: You can decide if you want this field to be mandatory for the user. If you mark this field as mandatory, users will need to complete the field in order to finish the registration process.
  • Make the dropdown list public: You can decide if you want this list to be public. With this option enabled, users will be able to filter the entries list by the values of this field. If me make the dropdown list public, a new option is displayed.



This is how users will be able to select the category in the entry form:



And this is how entries can be filtered in the public gallery:


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