How can I download the pictures sent by the users?

As administrator of the promotion you’ll be able to download an Excel file with all the registration details of the participants. This file includes all the information provided by the users when registering in the promotion (name and surname, email, telephone, etc.), depending on the information required by the administrator.

Additionally, in photo contests administrators will be able to download all the images in two ways, depending on the administrator needs:

  • Images in optimized size
  • Original size images


Images in optimized size

You can obtain a ZIP file with all the images uploaded by the users into the application. The ZIP file includes the image 'large' format, which has a maximum width of 700px. To download a ZIP file with the images of the participants, you’ll first need to access the list of entries.


Once situated in the general list of entries, administrators will be able to download the ZIP file by clicking the blue icon which is located at the top of the screen. Click the icon of “Contest pictures”.

When clicking in this option, a ZIP file will automatically be generated. Save the file in the computer, this way, the file will be available at any time.


When clicking in this option, a ZIP file will automatically be generatedSave the file in the computer, this way, the file will be available at any time.

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