Tutorial: Statistics and results of Easypromos promotions

One of the most important phases of any promotional action is the results analysis. This is what enables you to determine if the set objectives have been met. To help you do this, Easypromos has incorporated a statistics module which permits you to obtain the results of your promotion and analyze its evolution easily.  

In this tutorial, we explain which statistics you can obtain from the campaigns you carry out with Easypromos. The statistics can be divided into two types:


1. General list of participants

2. Application’s own statistics 

3. Google Analytics statistics (Premium and White Label only)


1. Participants list

From the promotion administration page the administrator can, at any time, consult the list of users registered in the promotion. This list includes the registration details of each participant as well as information about the participation based on the contest type:


For greater convenience, the administrator can download this list to Excel. This file will include all the information provided by participants at the point of registration. 

Read these instructions on how to download the participants list to Excel.


2. The promotion’s own statistics

The administrator can check the promotion statistics to obtain the data necessary to analyze the performance of the promotion: total number of registered users, recruiting percentage, devices used for registering, origin of users, etc.


How to access promotion statistics

To access the promotion statistics, you can follow these steps:


1. Connect to the Easypromos administration panelhttp://admin.easypromosapp.com

2. Locate the promotion for which you wish to consult statistics and click on the option entitled 'Statistics':


3. You will be redirected to the 'Statistics' section of the promotion administration page. 


Below we list all the statistics that you can obtain for your promotion.


Which statistics can I obtain?

The statistics module for a promotion is divided into 7 sections:


1. Overview

2. Detail of the users

3. Quiz statistics

4. Referral URL(only Premium and White Label versions)

5. Links campaigns(only Premium and White Label promotions)

6. Clicks on Share

7. Clicks on the ‘My networks’ module



1. Statistics overview

From this page we have an overview of the statistics for the promotion. These provide you with the following information:


A. General graphic: Shows the actions carried out in the promotion each day. Information is included about the following:

  • Users: Indicates the number of users who register for the promotion each day.
  • Recruited: Indicates the number of users who have registered for the promotion via invitations from participants (information only available for promotions created with the Premium and White Label versions).
  • Votes: Indicates the number of votes received in the promotion per day (only if the voting system is enabled).


By default, the graphic shows statistics for the entire active period of the promotion, but it is also possible to use the dates filter to check the statistics of a specific date, as shown in the screenshot below:



 B. Participations per user: Graphically displays information relating to the type of user participation:

  • Percentage of direct participation coming from recruiting actions. Direct participation refers to those users who have not registered for the promotion via an invitation from another participant. The percentage of recruitment is also shown.
  • Device used for participation (PC or smartphone). The operating system of the mobile device used for participation is also indicated. 


C. Totals: Shows a table with the overall numbers of the promotion:

  • Total number of users registered for the promotion.
  • Total number of users recruited to the promotion.
  • Total number of votes.

For each one of these actions, you can also see which day has been the best, the percentage of mobile device users, and the average.



2. Visits

This section shows the visits to the promotions’ pages, as well as funnel conversion rates. This data is automatically extracted from Google Analytics, which collects and stores the data of visits, page views, unique visits and funnel conversion rates for each promotion. 


The information displayed is not in real time, but the data is updated every 6 hours. In order for the system to track the visits and page views, it is necessary that the participant has the cookies enabled in the browser or device.

Note: The visits of the promotion are included for free in all promotions created with the Premium and White Label versions. In Basic promotions these statistics can be included as an extension for $15.

The statistics of visits provide you with the following information:


A. Page views: It shows the total number of visits received in each of the pages of the promotion. A page view is counted each time a user visits a page of the promotion, so repeated visits to the same page are also counted.

Example: If the user enters the promotion from the landing page, goes then to the registration form, and finally the user goes to the thank you page, 3 visits will be counted.


In particular, you can obtain data about the main screens of the promotion:

  • Landing page.
  • Quiz: in case of having the quiz enabled, you’ll obtain the visits received in each of the questions.
  • Registration form.
  • Thank you page.

In addition, you can also obtain page views data of the following additional promotion’s screens:

  • Winners: when the winners of the promotion are published.
  • Participants list: it corresponds to the page where entries are published (public gallery).
  • Individual entry: it corresponds to the individual page of each users’ entry.
  • Already participating user: this is the screen where users that already participated see when they click the ‘Enter’ button again.
  • Certificate of validity: this is the page where the certificate of the sweepstakes is published.
  • Not allowed access: it corresponds to users that write a not valid URL, or access the promotion when it hasn’t started yet, when it’s finished, when the promotion is not accessible, or when the promotion is filtered by country.


B. Total of Visits: It shows the total number of sessions that have been registered for the promotion, understood as the period during which a user interacted with the application. In order to count the visits, the system uses cookies, which allow to identify each user by an anonymous number. This number is created the first time the user accesses the application. This cookie persists until it expires or it is deleted, which makes that repeated sessions from the same user during the interaction with the application, do not count as additional users, but only as sessions.


C. Unique Visits: It shows the total number of unique visits (sessions) that have been registered for the promotion (these are counted once). It shows the total number of unique visits that have reached each page of the promotion. 

Example: The following promotion received a total number of 673 unique visits. Of all these, 588 users accessed the registration form and 436 reached the thank you page, which represents a 64,78% of the total unique visits:


D. Funnel Conversion rate: It shows the percentage of unique visits that have moved from one page of the promotion to the other.

Example: The following promotion counted a total of 2,766 unique visits that accessed the promotion landing page. Of these visits 2,766 unique visits:

  • 2,296 visited the registration form, which represents 83,01% of the 2,766 unique visits.
  • 1,714 reached the thank you page, which represents:
    • 74,651% of the 2,296 users that come from the previous step (registration form).
    • 61,97% of the 2,766 users that come from the first step (landing page).


These percentages will help us better understand the funnel conversion of users that visit our promotion and assess step-to-step drop-off, so this data will be useful to better analyze the steps that users take to reach our goal (reach the final thank you page).  


3. Quiz statistics

If you have created a questionnaire, from this section the administrator can access statistics to obtain the following information:


A. Total number of users who have responded to each question of the questionnaire.

B. Percentage of users who have responded to each question of the questionnaire.



4. Referral URL (Available only in Premium and White Label promotions)

Indicate the reference URL that users have clicked on in order to access and participate in the promotion. This section of the statistics will provide a list of all the reference URLs that users have clicked on to access the promotion.

Example: If the link has been published in a Facebook post, the application will measure the total number of users who have reached the promotion by clicking on the link posted on the Facebook Page Timeline.



5. Links campaigns (Only available in Premium and White Label promotions)

If you have planned a campaign for disseminating and publicizing your promotion, the administrator can create a customized ‘links campaign’ which will enable you to determine where your promotion participants have come from. To do this for each planned dissemination action the promotion link with specific utm_source | utm_medium | utm_campaign parameters should be used.

In this way you can find out if a participating user comes from a Facebook Ads campaign, via the publication of the promotion to the Timeline of a Facebook Page, from a newsletter, via the organic virality of participants, or via any other means that you use to publicize the promotion. This information will be reflected in the section of the statistics shown below: 



6. Clicks on Share

The application has been designed so that the action of sharing the promotion becomes easy and quick for users. In this way, the ‘Share’ button is presented in an appealing way on every page of the promotion, inviting users to disseminate and viralize the promotion via the different channels that the platform puts at the disposal of users. 

In this section of the statistics the administrator can check the number of clicks generated for each channel.

Note: The application will test the number of times each of the available buttons is clicked on. These include buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, email and, for users who access via their smartphones, WhatsApp, Telegram and Line. However, it doesn’t measure the number of shares from each channel.)

From this section the administrator can obtain the following information:


A. Number of clicks per social network: Indicates the number of times each button has been clicked on to share the promotion across the various social networks and viralize the promotion. The total number of clicks per social network is displayed, as is the percentage that this represents compared to the other social networks that have been clicked on:



 B. Overview: Shows in a graphical format the total number of clicks generated per social network, per day.


Note: By default, the graph shows the statistics of clicks for the whole active period of the promotion. However, a date filter can be used to consult the clicks generated on a specific date.


C. Clicks on Share per page: Display the number of clicks on the Share button in each of the promotion screens. These can include:

  • Homepage
  • Registration form
  • Final page
  • Participations list
  • Questionnaire page
  • The ‘you are participating’ page (this is the screen accessed by users who are already registered and who are accessing the promotion again.)
  • Widget (if you have embedded the promotion as a Widget in a webpage.)


D. Type of content shared: Indicates the type of content that users have shared via the different viralization channels. This content can be of the following types:

  • Generic content
  • Recruiting content
  • Participation content (for photo, text and/or video contests with a public gallery.)
  • Questionnaire result (in the case of questionnaires with personalized messages.)
  • Result per Instant Win (in the case of ‘Intant Win’ type promotions.)



7. Clicks on the ‘My Networks’ module

All promotions created with Easypromos offer the ‘My Networks’ module. This enables you to customize the social networks of the brand (Facebook and Twitter) to encourage users to click on 'Like' and follow the brand on these channels.

In this section of the statistics, the administrator can check the number of clicks generated in each of the social networks that have been configured in the ‘My Networks’ module for this promotion.

From this section, the administrator can obtain the following information:


A. Total number of clicks in each social network: Indicates the number of clicks generated from each of the buttons of the social networks configured in the ‘My Networks’ window. The total number of clicks per social network is indicated, as well as the percentage that is represented with respect to the other social networks from which users have clicked:



B. Graphic of clicks per day: Displays, for each social network configured in ‘My Networks,’ the number of clicks per day: 



3. Advanced statistics with Google Analytics

Promotions and contests created with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos enable you to obtain advanced statistics about traffic and visits to the promotion, especially in relation to the number of visits, page views, unique visits, most-viewed content, etc. This is all thanks to being able to integrate the promotion with Google Analytics.


In this videotutorial discover how to integrate your promotion with Google Analytics.

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