How can I change the text at the footer of the promotion?

In all promotions you can configure the promotion footer, where various pieces of information are displayed:



1. "Follow us" banner.

2. Information about the promotor.

3. Text: "Create your own promotion with Easypromos"


These aspects can be configured from the promotions “Editor” in the “Promotion footer” section:



1. “Follow us” banner to invite participants to follow you on your various social networks and online channels. You can enable it to display the “Follow us” button which will give users two options to choose from:

When you activate the promotion footer, this will be presented across all the pages of the promotion. 



2. Information about the promotor. In all promotions there is a configurable “Created by” section that provides a place inside the promotion informing participants about who created the promotion and who it is managed by. You can use the options menu to customize it, and HTML language to link this text to a website containing more information about the promoter. 



Note: in promotions that are connected from the start to a Facebook Page, this option will be preconfigured automatically.


3. Create your promotion with Easypromos. In Basic and Premium promotions you can see the above phrase informing users about the platform used to create the promotion. In White Label promotions there is no reference made to Easypromos and instead, “Created By” appears in the center of the page.


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