Can the administrator modify the default messages of publications when a participant invites and shares in order to recruit?

Yes, from the Easypromos Dashboard the administrator can modify the title and description of viral messages when the user shares their invite URL. 


Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Easypromos Dashboard with your Facebook account.

2. Find the promotion and click the 'Promotion settings' option:

3. Go to the promotion Editor:

 4. Locate the section 'Viral content' and go to 'Settings':


  • Upload a viral image which will be shown with recruiting content. Recommended sizes for social media sharing: 1200px width & 630px hight.


5. On "Recruitment" section, customize the viral message that will be shared in the social networks by the users. Learn how it will be displayed and the recommended number of characters. 

    • Title and description. These will be shown when the promotion is disseminated on Facebook and Google+. On "sending an email" option, they will be the subject and the body suggested by the app on the preset email created.
    • Tweet is the message that will be disseminated via Twitter, and the text that will accompany image and link on Pinterest.
    • Instant messaging apps. You can also personalize the message suggested to be shared with the users' friends via Whatsapp, Line and Telegram. 

Learn where will be shown this content.  

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