Can I filter the promotion by country?

Yes, in Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos you have the possibility to limit the promotion to a country or several countries. This way, only those users who connect from that country will see the promotion. 

By default, the promotion is open to all countries, as shown in the promotion management page image you can see below:

If you don't want to filter the promotion, you don't need to manage this section. On the contrary, if you want to restrict the promotion to certain countries, click on "edit". 

1. Search the country on "Add new countries". The platform will ease the country research suggesting the options while you are writing:

2. Click on the country and it will appear on "Countries of the promotion" section, which means this country is selected.

3. Save changes before closing the screen and you will see which countries have been selected on the management promotion page. 

If you want to delete some of them, go back to "edit" and remove all the countries you want from "countries of the promotion" list clicking on "X". Remove all if you want that the promotion returns to be available for all the countries. Save changes.

If you want to know more information about filter by country, we recommend to read this article.

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