How can I add a video in the 'Thank you' final screen?

In all versions of Easypromos - Basic, Premium and White Label, there's the possibility to customize the final 'Thank you' message, so that administrators can include their own thank you text. This final field supports HTML text, giving the opportunity to be creative when writing the thank you text.

The HTML format allows to embed a final video, this way encouraging users to perform other actions before leaving the application.


In order to embed a video in the 'Thank  you' final screen you should:

1. Access the Editor > Edit > Thank you page.

2. Copy the iFrame code of the video you want to embed in the promotion, which is provided by video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Paste the code in the 'Final message' field, together with the text we have prepared for the promotion:



Below we show an example of an embedded video in the 'Thank you' message:



We offer you some ideas and suggestions for presenting your Facebook page promotions with a video.

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