Tutorial: How to share the promotion to the Timeline of your Facebook Page

Have you installed the contest application in your Facebook Page? The next step is to publish and disseminate the promotion to your Timeline. To do this, you should use the main promotion link. This is generated automatically after you have created your promotion and it is always available from the management page of the promotion.

You should use the main promotion link for all communication actions carried out during your promotion: whether you are sharing the promotion on your Timeline, disseminating it via Twitter or other social networks, sending a newsletter, creating a banner, launching a Facebook Ads campaign, and so on.

Note: In Facebook, the applications where promotions are located can’t be viewed from mobile devices because of a limitation within Facebook itself. For this reason, we suggest you always share the promotion link to the Timeline in the form of a publication or post. In this way, the publication and promotion link will become the main way of accessing the promotion for users who connect to a page from their mobile devices.


How you can share the promotion to the Timeline of your Page

Below we explain two ways you can share the promotion link to the Timeline of your Page:


1. With the direct link to the promotion

Access the promotion administration page. From here the main promotion link will be always visible and available, as shown in the image below:

We recommend that you create a publication in the Timeline that includes the link. To do this, you just need to create a new publication on the Timeline of your Page and add the main promotion link, copying and pasting the URL from the administration panel.


The following image shows an example of how to share the promotion link to your Timeline:



Note: When a promotion link is published to the Timeline of the Page, Facebook reads the content of the promotion and automatically shows this content in the publication that appears in the Timeline. This content can be modified at the same time as the promotion is published, as we explain in the ‘Hints and tips’ section of this tutorial.

In addition, in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos, the Page administrator can customize the content that Facebook will read by default via the viral content configuration of the promotion. Find out how to customize the viral content of the promotion in this tutorial.


2. With the ‘Share’ button

From the promotion administration page you will find the buttons for sharing the promotion across the following social networks:

  • Facebook: Enables you to publish the promotion to the Timeline of your Facebook Page. On clicking this button, a window will appear with a preview of the publication that will be shared to the Timeline. In the selector that appears in the upper left part, select the option entitled ‘Share on the Page that you manage’ and then select the page to which you would like to share the promotion. You have a text field in which to write a short comment. Take advantage of this to explain what the promotion consists of and to provide the first details to attract your users’ attention.

Note: In the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos the administrator can customize the title and description of this publication via these fields: ‘Title of the Facebook publication’ and ‘Description of the Facebook publication’ – both available in the ‘Viral content’ section of the editing form of the promotion. In this link, find out how to customize this content.

  • Twitter: Enables you to create a tweet with a link to the promotion in order to carry out diffusion across Twitter. As in the previous case you will also be able to customize the content of the tweet. 
  • Pinterest: Enables you to share and pin the main promotion image to a Pinterest board. When clicking here, a small pop-up window will open and you can choose the board to which you want to pin the image.
  • Google+: Enables you to share the main promotion image to your Google+ profile.
  • Email: Enables you to send and email with your mailbox software by fefacult with the promotion main link.

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