Tutorial: How to disseminate a promotion

Once you have created and activated the promotion, it will be published in a microsite whose URL is the promotion main link that you will find on the promotion management page:

Take into account that the promotion won't be visible before the publication date and it will disappear when the end of publication date is reached.

As soon as the promotion is displayed, you can start the dissemination campaign in order to get participants. In the "Buzz" section you will find all the options for this task:


The main way to disseminate a promotion is by copying the main link and communicating it across your channels. In "Buzz" section you will be able to copy this link too.

You will also find the following options:


Install on a Facebook tab

Set up this section if you want to install your promotion on a Facebook page tab. We give you 2 options: 

1. Quick install

2. Advanced install


1. Quick install

This is the most common way to install a promotion as a Facebook page tab. 

  • Choose the Facebook page where you want to install the promotion and click on "Install" button. 

  • A tab will be automatically installed on your Facebook page with the promotion inside: 

  1. From this option, you will be able to edit the tab's name and image.
  2. Enable this option if you want the main link to redirect users to the Facebook tab. In this way, only mobile users will be taken to the microsite when clicking on the promotion main link, as mobile devices do not have access to Facebook tabs. 


  • If there is an active promotion installed on the first Facebook App, you will see a warning and you will be able to choose between two options: 

A) Replace the current promotion for this new one. Warning! When choosing this option, you are uninstalling the current promotion from the Facebook tab, so take care that participants can access the promotion through another channel apart from there.

B) Install it on another tab. The platform will check the availability of Tab#2 and it will install the promotion on it if possible:

If there is already a promotion published on Tab#2, you will be able to choose between replacing the current promotion or checking the availability of Tab#3. 

In case all the three Apps are occupied and you do not want to unpublish any of the current promotions, you can use "Advanced install" to make the promotion available from a Facebook App.

2. Advanced install

Create a customized app with the Facebook Developers platform and use it to install your promotion. In this way, you will be able to publish the promotion on all the Facebook pages you wish. This option is available for Premium and White Label promotions.

  • First of all, you must create an application on Facebook Developers. Follow this video tutorial to set it up and see how to install it on your Facebook page step by step: 


  • Change the name and the image of the promotion from "Settings" of your Facebook page. Here we show you step by step.

Note: if you already have a Facebook Developers app previously created and you want to use it, you just have to introduce the App ID and the App Secret on Integrations, "Facebook" section, before going to install it on your promotion.


Install the promotion as a widget on your webpage or blog

The promotion can also be displayed on your blog or website by using the widgets system. If you are interested in this method of publication, obtain here the information to embed the promotion into your site. There are four types of widgets, depending on how you want to present your contest on the web or blog:


Publish on the Easypromos promotions' list

Your promotion can also appear in the public list of Easypromos promotions. To be published in the public list of Easypromos promotions will help you to have more visibility, but note that users who visit this list are users who like to participate in many competitions, and perhaps they are not your potential audience. Enable this option from this section if it suits your objectives.

You will find two options:

1. Appear in the public list of Easypromos promotions. This is a free service.

2. Create a campaign to appear at the top of the list as featured promotion. 


Set up the behavior of the promotion link

In "Link settings" section you will be able to change the behavior of the promotion main link.

By default, the promotion is displayed as a web page (microsite) and the landing page is presented as the target page. In this section you can modify this preset options to choose the most suitable configuration for your campaign.

        • First screen showed when accessing to the promotion. If you want to jump this screen, you can set up this option from the management page and participants will be able to access directly to the questionnaire, the registration form or the public gallery. Choose which will be the first page of your promotion, and it will always open on this page. 
        • Destination of the main link publication. By default, the promotion's main link shows the promotion within a microsite. From this option you can change this destination to direct to a Facebook tab if the promotion is installed there (participants from mobile devices always will go to microsite because tab are not able on mobile devices). The main link can also direct to an external site where the promotion is embedded.

Note: In White Label promotions you will be able to set up your own domain to publish the promotion. It is possible from Buzz>Custom domain.


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