How to set up OBS software for live streaming with Facebook Live

If you’ve already installed the OBS software, and you have the stream key and URL, then open OBS and set up the following features:


A) In Settings/Broadcast:

  • Select Facebook Live as a streaming service.
  • Enter the stream key and click "OK".


B) In Settings/Video, indicate the same resolution (1280x720) in both fields. Click "OK" to save the changes.


C) Go to the main page, and then click "+" in the Sources box. Create a new source by clicking “OK”.

  • Update the URL field with the stream URL obtained in Easypromos.
  • Configure the width and height of the video to 1280x720.
  • Click "OK" to save the changes.



D) You should now see that the screen you set up with Easypromos is fully embedded in the OBS screen. 

  • Disconnect the microphone if you don’t want any audio to be transmitted during streaming.
  • Click "Start Streaming" to begin.



At this point you’ll see that the “Start Streaming” button has been changed to “Stop Streaming” and that the live video timer at the bottom of the screen has been triggered.


Warning! Don’t forget to read Step 3 of the Facebook Live Survey Tutoria. Go back to the Easypromos Editor and complete the setup.


What should I do if the word counter stops?

In case you detect that the word counter of the Survey has stopped, you can reset the counters of the Live Survey at any time from the OBS software. When you reset it, the counter will be recalculated and will display the updated values. Learn how to reset the counter.


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